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Getting Back Up – Or Not

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In the grand scheme of weight loss things, there are some tasks that have a difficulty factor of 9.5. Listed among those are:

  • getting up at 5am on a winter’s morning so you can go outside and train
  • be the only one in a pub full of friends NOT eating the pizza and drinking the beer
  • saying no to the slice of birthday cake when all your colleagues are urging that just one small slice won’t hurt
  • not smacking the person in the face who says to you, “losing weight is easy, just go on a diet”

(actually, that last is possibly just me).

There is one task however, that I feel scores an 11.5 on the Richter Scale – getting back on the wagon after you’ve slipped off and landed face down in the mud. (more…)

When the Wheels Fall Off

Yep, it happened. And not just for a day, but for half a week. I’m not going to beat around the bush – but I’m also not going to beat myself around the head. I know from experience that yelling at myself, calling myself all sorts of names, feeling like a loser or a failure only sends me down the same emotional path that leads to bad eating and more bad habits. There’s a reason those things became habits in the first place – because I did them so often. So I don’t do that any more. But what do I do now when the wheels fall off? Can somebody hand me a spanner to put them back on? No? (more…)

We Got to Move It, Move It

If I really wanted to, I could fill an entire blog post using only words that convey what’s most unlikeable about exercise. Some of those words would be: sweaty, uncomfortable, painful, exerting, time-consuming and depriving-me-of-quality-couch-potato-time.

But I’m not going to do that, despite what I just wrote – and yes, despite the fact that what I just wrote is also very true. Because, as usual in life, there’s two sides to truth – and there’s two sides to exercise. (more…)

Leaps Forward

I’m a couple of days into this Round* of the 12WBT program now and I’m seeing some very interesting things crop up as, I think, a direct result of doing the last Round (which was my first). I didn’t lose much weight last time, and I’d put it all back on in the last couple of weeks as the wheels fell off to a large extent. I had struggled from about 4 weeks in, particularly with getting myself to exercise.

I should explain how big this particular issue was for me. Firstly, in all the “diets” I’ve ever done, the one thing I had no trouble doing was getting up to exercise. I would struggle to eat only lite foods – but training was never the issue. For most of my life, I’ve been active, with some periods where I’ve been downright fit. So finding myself reluctant to do any exercise at all really bothered me.  At first I thought it was because I’d injured my knee back in March (torn tendon), then I was worried I was developing a heart condition (my brother had a massive heart attack a couple of years ago at the same age I am now). Then I started treatment for my knee – which included careful exercise, and my doctor pointed out I’m a hypochondriac with a little asthma from the cold air :-).

The down side to this exercise story is that all of that happened with 4 weeks to go on that last round, and I still didn’t exercise! (more…)

Getting Down to Business

I suppose I should have started the morning off with some sense of trepidation, perhaps a little hesitation or even the suggestion of a question mark hovering over my ability to actually follow through on my plans to get up and exercise at 5am, or whether I could really just eat what’s on my plan and nothing else. At least, that’s how the first day of every “diet” I’ve ever been on before has begun. Full of determination – but also doubt. I call them the Double Ds.

Determination is something I’ve never been short of. This is not a brag of any kind, but I guess I am a little proud of the fact that I can keep falling down and getting back up more times than I’ve had hot chips. I may get weary and teary, but I can keep coming back, keep trying. Admittedly, in some circumstances that’s not always a good thing. But the determination to get myself a healthier, happier body has been with me for twenty years and more, and is what has got me here, doing this right now. (more…)

Insanity and Repetition

Strawberry“The definition of insanity,” Albert Einstein is claimed to have said, “is the repetition of the same acts over and over expecting a different result.” While I wouldn’t necessarily call myself insane, I would tend to agree with the basic principle that continuing down a path that has never led to success is simply a waste of time. So is being disappointed about the constant failure. I mean, if you’re going to do it wrong again, why are you surprised when if fails, right?


Awakening the Dragon

There are few things more disheartening than looking back at how long it’s been since you last posted on a blog you put so much work into. Of course, I never meant it to be so long, perhaps a few months, no more. But things happened, and for a long time, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue the blog, and if I did, in what form it would continue.

The great news is that I have decided to continue – for reasons that will soon become obvious. (more…)

Feeling Good, Eating Bad

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Lunch: lamb (leftover from last night’s roast) and mint jelly on wholemeal bread, a bowl of salad consisting of nothing more complicated than salad leaves, tomato, cucumber and avocado, with a simple vinaigrette of olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. Verdict: delicious!

There’s something wonderful in doing things the right way – I don’t mean according to somebody’s rules or something. I mean, when you do things the way you want to do them. I wanted to eat food today that was only my diet. I really wanted that, and as I’m eating this food, I’m feeling good. I feel positive and in control of this thing. I know there’ll be moments when I won’t feel like this, but I do know that as long as I eat this way, I’ll feel like this. (more…)

The Great Taste Sensation

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I’ve always loved my vegies. I know, weird, huh? I was lucky to grow up with a mother who didn’t boil the crap out of them before forcing us to consume half-cold, grey tasteless mashy stuff on a daily basis. Instead, she cooked us honey carrots, zucchini with garlic and butter, cauliflower cheese, broccoli and green beans in white wine and garlic. The list goes on. The point is, the vegies tasted fantastic, so we ate them up. But I’ve recently discovered something unexpected while making meals on my diet and it’s changed my eating habits forever. (more…)

Losing Momentum


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I’ve been here before and I can tell you I hated it then, and I hate it now. It’s not so much a fail position as a No-Man’s-Land. I’m suspended on a high-wire, neither running smoothly nor crashed and burned – but I can see the crash site from here as I dangle, ungainly and unc0-ordinated.

The last three weeks have been hard work. Hard in that in my head, I’m going to do better each day but the reality is far from better and way closer to worse. I haven’t given up – haven’t even come close. I haven’t even considered giving up, which is the strong thread I’m holding onto at the moment.

I knew this would happen. I knew I’d get to the point where it would all start to fall apart, but I thought that I’d taken enough steps to prevent it this time. But now, as I look back over the last 7.5 weeks, I know full-well that I didn’t take many steps at all. I meant to, I wanted to, but I didn’t. I never got around to doing all the things I’d meant to do and now I’m suffering from it. (more…)