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Fat Hatred

The Thin Myth

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I know some thin people who are just thin. Always have been, probably always will be. They’ve never had any extra weight on their bodies and they’ve never given a thought to eating too much beyond that one last dumpling at Yum Cha once a year. From time to time they’ll mention how they’re worried about not fitting into their clothes – but pictorial evidence over the years proves they actually don’t have any weight concerns. These are the people who are the least judgemental with people who do have weight problems. They might find it hard to understand – but they┬árarely judge. (more…)

Should We See Fat Characters on TV?

marie claire
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It’s an interesting question, apparently. I mean, human beings are made up of all kinds of people, from tall to short, black to pasty-pink, stupid to genius, figure-skaters to train-spotters. By definition, we live, eat and breathe diversity across all humanity – indeed, it’s something we love to stand up and celebrate. In fact, our very diversity is one of the reasons our species is so robust – lots of different genes make us strong, genetically speaking. But still, according to one writer from Marie Claire magazine, TV shows – even ones she’s never seen – shouldn’t include characters who are overweight because she’s “grossed out” by them.