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Eating Disorders

The Real Causes of Obesity – Part 1

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard somebody tell me that the best way to lose weight is to just do a little exercise, eat healthy food and the weight will simply fall off, I’d be kicking back on my private yacht right now, in the middle of a three month tour of the Greek Isles.

Even more annoying is when you meet people who do just that, and the six kilos they’ve been carrying around since their second baby valiantly disappears after just a month or two of effort! You look at people like that and feel the kind of deep-seated envy only those who carry extra weight can ever truly understand. But at the end of it all, you’re left with just one question – why? Why am I so overweight? Why do I find it so hard to lose weight? Why do some people find it easy? And why does everybody (including me) think it’s all my fault? (Okay, that was four questions, but bear with me).


Poison in a Word: Six Ways to Stop Punishing Yourself

There’s a wonderful old peace-lover’s saying: the pen is mightier than the sword.

In this modern age of war and terrorism, it can sometimes be hard to believe that there’s anything out there more dangerous or destructive than a bomb. But history has shown us again and again that ideas – and the words used to express them – can have more widespread, devastating and profound consequences than any explosive.


Getting a Great Team on Your Side: Doctor

So there I was, my head pounding, nose running, chest raspy with a cough that might, given another few heaves, actually remove one of my lungs. I was sick the way only sick people understand, dragging myself out of bed only – and I mean that literally – so that I could go to the doctor and get some drugs to make me better. Nothing else short of a world war would have  seen me outside of the bed covers, and even then…


Finding a Name to Call “It”

Are you fat? Or are you obese? Are you simply a little overweight, or are you cursed with having a fabulous set of big bones? Do you think your bum looks big in this, or whether that makes your arms look flabby? Which of these terms have you used? And which of these set your teeth on edge or make you want to kick somebody?


Have Years of Dieting Ruined “Normal”?

I was chatting to some ladies in my exercise class yesterday and they were talking about how a friend of theirs had been very successful losing 15 kg on a diet. They then went on to say that she preached about it all the time, as though she was terrified that if she stopped for just a second, it would all fall apart and she’s put all the weight back on.

She’s right to be afraid – after all, that’s what history has taught us, right?


The Day I Discovered I had an Eating Disorder

When I was born, the doctor who delivered me told my mother, ‘Well, she won’t be a ballet dancer with those legs.”

I’ve never been entirely sure why my mother told me that story. Either way, I’ve had body image issues since I was old enough to understand language.