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Soothes the Savage Beast

I know I must make quite a sight as I go out for a run around my local park. There I am in my tight-fitting grey trackies, my bright orange singlet top and my colour-coordinated grey jacket with orange trim. To top it off, I have new running shoes that are a glorious purple with more orange trim. (No, I did not buy them for their colour!) I get swooped on by magpies, chased after by dogs and rained on by…well, rain. But I run – slowly, yes- but run nonetheless – and if you’ve ever seen somebody my size running, you’d probably raise your eyebrows as I’m sure my neighbours do. Strangely, I never think about that – instead, I’m always worried that people can see me singing and dancing as I go along the track!

Yep, I’m an exercise music tragic. I have long and short playlists of my best numbers. I have slow and fast exercise lists, and each of them timed for specific activities. There’s nothing that urges me on to higher efforts than a quick round of Payphone by Maroon 5, or Kiss by Tom Jones. I particularly love Robbie Williams, so Bodies gets onto the playlist, along with the Veronicas, Alesha Dixon, The Boy Does Nothing, George Michael’s Faith and, for good measure, My Sharona from The Knack or just about anything from Smashmouth.

And my secret music motivator? The soundtrack to Riverdance. I just love those whirling Irish reels – they make me almost skip along the road! Having the right music playing makes the exercise most fun, and helps the time to speed by. Before you know it, your 10 songs are finished, and you’re back home, exercise done. The best part is finding songs that match your step perfectly. My favourite is Guy Sebastian’s Like it Like That. It’s the perfect beat for the speed I run. I guess as I get fitter I’ll need to upscale my tempo music, but for the moment, that and Gold are fantastic running music.

And no, I can’t help but sing along. Silently for the most part – but sometimes not. Yes, that off-key wailing you can hear in the mornings is probably me. But I can’t help it. Music does it for me. It’s fantastic. It’s the best friend ever. It requires nothing from you except your ears and never sulks if you neglect it 🙂 As soon as I start to get used to one playlist, I’m off building another. It’s part of the fun – and to be honest, if people think I look weird as I’m running, singing and shaking my hips in time with Train, then, well, they’re right – I do look weird.

But I’m okay with that. 🙂

Do you have favourite exercise music? What are your favourite tracks?




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One Comment

  1. Chrissy says:

    Haha. this is so me!!!! I run (shuffle) on a out of town trail and always forget that other people use it too :/ I quite often get caught either singing along (if i have the breath) or run/dancing to the music.
    Glad to hear its not just me