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My Body Beware

I’m in a state of shock. Some huge changes are happening in my life and it’s hard getting my head around them. While some of it’s pretty scary, it’s also a bit exciting.
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I feel a bit like I’m standing on the ground during an earthquake as it shifts and rolls beneath me. These changes are all related to food, my body and above all, my health. There’s so much going on in my head at the moment, I’m struggling to get to sleep – and it’s really hard to know where to begin or how to explain it all. I do know it can’t be contained within one post, so this will be an introduction of sorts.

If you’ve read any of this blog you’ll know that I am a great believer in addressing all the causes of obesity, not just those related to a reduced-calorie diet. My experience – and the weight of decades of science – has proven that reducing caloric intake is just a small part of the equation, and I’ve written extensively on many of those other aspects. But my explorations and research were largely academic. Some of the issues I wrote about applied to me, others didn’t. Until last week, that is. 

A few weeks ago I went to visit a doctor – we’ll call him Dr J. – who does in medical practice what I’d been trying to do on my blog. His speciality is holistic, biological and metabolic, but not exclusively. He tries to look at each symptom and rather than treat them individually, he looks beneath the surface for any underlying cause, or any way in which certain symptoms might be related.

I gave him a litany of complaints: my struggle to lose weight, fatigue, itchy skin, high blood pressure, bloating, tummy upsets, random nausea, depression, overactive thyroid, muscle cramps, aching joints, headaches, trouble sleeping. It goes on. You may have some similar problems.

Dr J. sent me off with a shopping list of tests, blood, urine and … other stuff. I just gritted my teeth and got it done. It wasn’t fun, but given the possible impact on my health, it was no effort at all. This week I got the results back, and I was a bit shocked. Okay, a lot shocked.

Turns out there’s quite a bit wrong with me, from gut bacterial imbalances, hormonal imbalances, enzymes, chemicals all out of whack, some undiagnosed food intolerances, insulin sensitivity… the list goes on. All of it impacts how I digest food, weight loss and gain, and how I feel across the board.

And yes, there’s some satisfaction that I was right all along – my weight issues cannot be solved by merely increasing my exercise and reducing my calories. As it turns out, while the exercise is still essential, simply reducing my calories won’t get me anywhere. There’s also a huge satisfaction that I actually have some answers at last! I can’t tell you how important that is, to know it’s not all in my mind, that there is a biological reason why I’m so tired all the time, and why I feel so bad.

And the good news is – it’s all fixable! It will take at least 6 months, cost a bit of money and quite a lot of deprivation – but I don’t care. The prospect of having my life and my health back is so juicy a strawberry that I’m champing at the bit to get stuck into it.

This is all very general here – but there’s too much to fit into one post. In my next post, I’ll detail exactly what’s wrong, how it affects my body and how I need to fix it.

Like I said, it’s pretty scary – but knowing I’m working towards regaining my good health makes me pretty excited.



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  1. Sonya Meyer says:

    Wow! Great news that you have answers. Good luck

  2. Stacey says:

    So happy you are getting some answers! i look forward to hearing more about it since I am on a similar journey.