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So, hard on the heels of my last post, I thought I’d set down a few details of exactly what I’m going to do to lose weight. Now don’t get all excited and start taking notes 🙂 – these are just the first few small steps. This plan will change and evolve as I go along, as I learn what works and what doesn’t. At the moment, that’s a key element – I want to avoid that whole ‘ repeating actions that don’t get me the results I want’ thing, by making changes as I go.

The basic plan for the first week is pretty simple. I am going to use the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. I know I’ve spent plenty of words trashing all things diet, but there are a few that aren’t all evil. This is one of them. It’s a high-ish protein, controlled carbohydrate diet that has been scientifically proven to help people lose weight when they carry most of their weight around the middle. Which is me.

I have been on this diet before and I did lose weight – whereas I have been on countless low fat diets and not lost anything. The other good thing about this diet is that it covers all nutritional areas and doesn’t leave out anything important. It’s low fat and low carb – but doesn’t rule them out completely. The food tastes pretty damned good and the recipes are quite quick and easy to prepare. I’ll write a full review of the diet in a couple of weeks, once I’ve been on it again for a while.

I am also going to increase my physical activity. I’ve been pretty inactive over the last few months – which isn’t normal for me. But I’ve had injuries, and study, and illness and moving house etc to contend with, and hugging the couch in the evening has seemed much more attractive than getting up and doing something physical.

I’m not going to join a gym or anything radical like that. Just walk the dog every evening, for 30 minutes or more. That will be enough for the first week. In my experience, it actually doesn’t take long, or a great deal of effort to start getting my body off the bottom rung of fitness. However, it does take a great deal of effort getting me off the couch!

But this program of mine is not just going to be about diet and exercise – if it was, it would be doomed within the first week. I’m also going to try a few things to not just get my head into the right space, but to keep it there. For me, that’s the deal-breaker. If my head is firing on all thrusters, then the rest of me will follow. I hope :-).

See, I started with a Star Trek quote, and finished with one. Geek much?

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  1. KRin says:

    I managed my first day in about 3 weeks of over 10,000 steps yesterday. Hurray.

    1. Mackenzie says:

      Good work!