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The Thin Myth

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I know some thin people who are just thin. Always have been, probably always will be. They’ve never had any extra weight on their bodies and they’ve never given a thought to eating too much beyond that one last dumpling at Yum Cha once a year. From time to time they’ll mention how they’re worried about not fitting into their clothes – but pictorial evidence over the years proves they actually don’t have any weight concerns. These are the people who are the least judgemental with people who do have weight problems. They might find it hard to understand – but they rarely judge.

Unfortunately there are also thin people out there – and those who are not so thin – who are judgemental about people who have weight problems, and who take on a decidedly sanctimonious tone when making the claim that their comments are simply because “as we all know, being overweight is so unhealthy“.

It would horrify such people to learn that there is no correlation between being thin and being healthy.

That’s right. It turns out that not being fat is no guarantee of being any healthier than the average fat person. The only difference will be in the types of health issues each will face. While the world’s media goes on about the ‘obesity epidemic‘, focus is taken away from the fact that thin people also eat high fat diets, drink, smoke and do no exercise. Of all the people I know, fat and thin, the only people that have cholesterol problems are not overweight! Not only that, but almost every larger person I have ever met is constantly trying to eat properly, including vegetables and choosing low fat and low sugar whenever possible. Even if they then binge on chocolate, their diet isn’t necessarily bad. That’s not to say that slim people don’t also try to eat healthy foods – just that being overweight doesn’t mean you only eat bad foods. Or that you are a couch potato, either.

I’ve seen plenty of slim people eat a diet full of white bread, butter, meat, sugary cereals, cheese and full fat milk without doing much more exercise than walking out to their cars each morning, who smoke and drink fairly fluidly. And yet, for some reason, it is often these unhealthy slim people who feel that they are entitled to judge those of us with weight problems. Some go so far as to hate overweight people – and I have no idea how anybody could arrive at that destination!

I often wonder how those slim, judgemental people would feel if I had a go at them every time they ate something silly, or smoked or drank to excess. I’ve never said anything because I think it’s rude to make personal comments about people when they haven’t initiated that kind of conversation with you. I just wish those same people would realise how rude and insulting they are. I don’t know whether it’s their own insecurity or a feeling of superiority, but nobody – regardless of their weight – needs some stranger judging them for their appearance.

After all, none of us is perfect.  Well, except for me 🙂

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  1. Allegra says:

    I’m a size 12 and have high cholesterol … it’s hereditary, and completely manageable by controlling my diet. Looking at me you don’t know this little fact … but it’s still there.

    I should be saying no to the obvious things such as deep fried delectables and all those yummy cheeses that some naughty person introduced me to … the problem is that as soon as I discovered I had high cholesterol I suddenly started craving all of those things that are bad for me!

    The thing I struggle with is that people don’t judge me for eating those foods, as I’m thin … ish. And really they should judge me, as I shouldn’t have them … they are so very bad for me. Yet there can be a larger person next to me, who doesn’t have high cholesterol, tucking into something similar … for agruments sake, let’s say some hot chips … and they will garner a least a couple of judgemental looks to the point that even I notice (whilst flicking between checking FB and a game of Solitare on my phone)!

    People should not be so judgemental … and we should all remember that if we are judging others, then someone else is most probably judging us!

    1. Mackenzie says:

      Good points. And it’s interesting to hear that you notice the judgemental looks of others when you’re around a larger person. It’s nice to know that us big people aren’t just imagining it 🙂