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Beautiful Clothes for Beautiful Women

Without doubt, one of the most difficult, painful and awkward aspects to living with extra weight is all wrapped up in the clothes that we wear. Clothes shopping for me is a little like walking on a knife’s edge, balanced between delight that I find something that I like and that fits me and that looks good and I can afford – and the opposite, where everything I look at is too small, too expensive, a dreadful colour, or more often than not, so old and frumpy I wouldn’t let my grandmother out in it.

For big people, looking good is a massive challenge, helped not at all by clothing designers, who seemed to go out of their way to make us look even worse, with huge tents in drab colours or flamboyant floral patterns so bright they’d attract swarms of bees. And yet, the ability to look good when we go out, and feel good in what we wear is just as, if not more important than it is for people without weight issues. If you are challenged in the weight area, chances are your self-esteem has taken a battering, so knowing that you can dress up to go to your cousin’s wedding and look great is of crucial importance. I have actually not gone to social events simply because I looked awful in everything I put on.

But there does seem to be the scent of change in the air. In recent years there’s been the mention of ‘real’ body sizes for women models, and numerous mentions of plus size models and some occasional fashion. Although not all of it successful in letting us look good, it is at least a step in the right direction.

But one of the most successful plus size retailers in the world,¬†OneStopPlus.com,¬†held the very first plus size fashion show at New York Fashion Week this week – and it was a huge success, receiving a standing ovation from the audience, plus articles in all sorts of top-end fashion magazines. While the website does display an uncomfortable number of the clothing crimes mentioned above, the new season’s collection is quite the opposite. These clothes are simply beautiful and made to suit the ‘fuller figure’. The clothes, the style, the colours are all delightful and I’d love to wear any one of them. You can see the full collection on the company’s Facebook page, here.

My only complaint is that there doesn’t seem to be any designs for women who carry most of their weight on their tummies, nor are these models really very big. What this does show is that big women can be and are beautiful. Hopefully more will come for the rest of us.

For the moment, these women look fabulous, and it’s delightful to see designers take larger fashion seriously. And this success will help to make designers and manufactures understand that there is a substantial market out there for people who like to look good.

After all, we all deserve to look gorgeous, regardless of how much we weigh!

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  1. Laura says:

    The tummy think is a big issue for me as I carry a fair bit of weight above the waistband. Several times I have thought I looked quite nice in an outfit, only to be asked when I am due (ouch). I still have not found any effective ways to disguise this. All shapewear does is to smooth my tummy out and make it look even more like a baby bump.

    1. Mackenzie says:

      Hi Laura

      Thanks for your comments. This is my own problem as well, and when you see a lot of clothes made for larger sizes, they rarely address the tummy issue. I, too, struggle to find things that don’t highlight my tummy – and when I find some, I’ll put them on the site to share with everybody else. Let me know if you have any success.

      Good luck,