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Celebrity Admits Dieting is Hard

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The scientists might not know it, but our universe is actually made up of two different worlds: there’s the wonderful fantasy world of frothy make-believe, endless beauty and fabulous wealth which celebrities inhabit – and then there’s the real world the rest of us live in. For most of us, aspiring to that seamless, cool and exciting world is a given – especially when it comes to looks. I mean, who doesn’t want that set of perfect pearly oh-so-white teeth, or that marvellous cascade of glossy, thick hair? Of course, those celebrities always go on about having to put up with the paparazzi following them around – but that’s a small price to pay for looking so amazing all the time.

This fantasy world is never more amazing than when it looks at post-baby weight loss. In recent years, Jessica Alba has been a perfect example of how much pressure is put on celebrity women to return to their perfect figures just weeks after giving birth. Pictures of them appear everywhere. This desperation to appear something of a magician led not only to a whole fad of diet and exercise programs being released which would guarantee Jessica’s result to ordinary women, but also to a wave of fakery: airbrushed photos that took her very good shape and made it ridiculous. These photos were sold to us as being real – we only found out later they’d been doctored to make her look impossibly thin. The claim is always that it’s possible to lose the weight and that it’s oh-so-easy is scattered all through these media appearances.

So it came as a huge surprise this week when actor and model, Milla Jovovich admitted that it had taken her a year to lose her baby weight. A year and a huge amount of effort. Even with the help of personal trainers and perhaps some home help with the baby or food preparation, Milla found it very hard to shift those last kilos. Fortunately for her career, she did succeed in the end, but it was obviously much more difficult than she’d expected. So perhaps she bought into the fast post-baby weight loss fantasy as well…

While we’re never going to lose the air-brushed fantasy figures of Ms Alba – it’s actually nice to see somebody from there admit to living in our real world from time to time. It helps to stop us from feeling quite so inadequate that we can’t match them.

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