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Fad Diets: Outrageous Promises and Lying Frauds

Lose 10 pounds in 4 days! Shrink 5 dress sizes in two weeks! Get a flat tummy in just 10 days!

Ever get the feeling that some things are just too good to be true?

I’ve always thought that it’s entirely possible that saying was invented with the diet industry in mind.

The worst thing is, they – the diet industry, that is – know what we really want. They’ve done a lot of research and they know that we want to lose weight, to have that flat stomach and fabulous abs. They know we want it right now. And they know we’d do just about anything to get it – including suspending our disbelief just long enough for them to get some money off us. The problem is, it’s all lies.

Of course, they do everything within their power to make you believe, including lining up an impressive number of ‘before and after’ photos of amazingly good-looking people. Their quoted comments tell of how great this diet/exerciser/lifestyle book/program/CD/DVD is and if you keep scrolling down the page, they’ll keep pounding you with classic selling techniques with something called a ‘call to action’ – telling you to buy now!

That’s the thing, you see. They’re not actually interested in you losing weight. They’re interested in you buying their product. Once you’ve handed over your hard-earned cash, they suddenly lose interest in how good that product actually is.

And the classic of all classic selling techniques is that, if you fail to lose weight using their product, the problem is with younot with their product. They know full well, two or three months later, when we’ve once again reached desperation point, we’ll just end up buying into a different product hoping this one will be the winner. Which is exactly how the diet industry gets to be one of the biggest in the world, with an average spend for Americans at $55 billion per year!

The fact is that these programs don’t work – diets don’t work. Anybody who’s ever done any research on diets will tell you that the science backs this up. A diet mentality of deprivation only leads to bingeing. Punishing exercise only makes your body hurt and you become reluctant to go back to it.

It’s physically impossible for these claims to be true, but they prey upon your need and your desire, knowing you’ll fail. Wanting you to fail so they can get more money out of you for the next big promise.

They set up a false expectation of hope, and in the process, do substantial damage to your self-esteem and any chance you might have of finding a real solution to your weight issue.

And the claims are dangerous to enact physically, totally unsustainable and will only make the problem worse.

Your expectations of diets are set way beyond what is ever achievable. We need to realign our expectations back to reality if we want to have any kind of hope of actually losing weight and keeping it off.

I know there are multiple ways of doing that – and different solutions work for different people. I’m not here to tell you I have the perfect solution, because I don’t. But I do know this:

Losing weight is hard. Keeping it off is hard.

If we hope to have any success at this, we have to take that whole idea on board. We need to accept it and embrace it – but not let it put us off. And not keep pretending to ourselves that we can wave a magic wand and it will all be fixed.

Because there’s no such thing as magic. And nobody lost weight because of a miracle.

So you’ll never see those claims on this blog. At A Big Beautiful World, we’re all about telling the truth, about dealing with facts and the real world – because what we want, all of us, are real solutions.

I can’t wave my magic wand and make everything better for you – but I know I can help you feel better and live a better, happier life. You may well lose some weight as well – and I’ll certainly do all I can to make that happen.

But I’m not going to lie to you so you’ll buy my diet product. In fact, in my next post, I will cover how you can evaluate diets yourself, and know whether they’re any good or not. If you are determined to go on a diet, there are a few things you should know.

Do you have any experiences of fad diets or online products that promise the earth? Did you lose weight? Did you put any back on? Did they cost a lot of money? Do you have a specific diet you’d like me to take a look at?


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